Deep-Cleaning and Organising Your Refrigerator

Deep-Cleaning and Organising Your Refrigerator

Among several solutions to have a healthier lifestyle, cleaning is the most effective yet, at the same time, the cheapest option. Simple cleaning practices can help reduce the chances of spreading infections. Unless you are a total neat freak, laziness is a negative quality of this activity. When that happens, prepare to live a life of total filth. 

Kitchen and bathroom areas often get more dirt and gross things in your house. That is because these are wet environments, the perfect places for mildew to develop. As for your kitchen, the no.1 overlooked step is to clean and maintain your refrigerator. So, here is an easy step-by-step guide to clean and organise your fridge and freezer.

The purpose of cleaning fridge and freezer

Machines today are more efficient and highly advanced than before. Now, consumers are dreaming to get smart self-cleaning refrigerators. While this innovation benefits people’s busy daily schedules, household owners still need to deep clean and organise these appliances.

You don’t only clean when there are spills and spoiled leftovers. What is more troubling are the unseen bacteria that pile up. Maintenance and cleaning practices ensure that your fridge and freezer aren’t doing you more harm than good. Despite how healthy your dishes are, recall where they were stored in the first place.

Step-by-step guide

First, here are the materials that you need:

  • Non-abrasive sponge
  • Cleaning spray (or homemade cleaning spray)
  • Dish soap
  • Dish towels
  • Paper towels
  • Microfibre cloth (optional)
  • Old toothbrush (optional) 

#1: Unplug the appliance

Cleaning that includes scrubbing or washing portable shelves require you to unplug your fridge. This is important especially if you do this on a weekly basis.

#2: Empty the fridge

Allocate a huge space (dining table) to put aside your fridge’s contents. Based on your preference, you could start organising them by grouping items together and taking out expired food items.

#3: Wash the shelves

If your fridge has portable shelves, it is better and faster to wash them instead of just wiping away the spills or hardened debris.

#4: Clean the interior

Using your cleaning spray, spray every part of the fridge’s interior. Let it sit for at least 10 to 15 minutes before wiping it down. If there are still stubborn debris or stains, use an old toothbrush or non-abrasive sponge for scrubbing.

#5: Put everything back

Now, the fun part begins. Based on your liking, you start to organise your jars, bottles, containers, etc. Don’t forget to plug the fridge back in and wipe down the exterior.

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