Ways on How You Can Maintain Your Refrigerator

Ways on How You Can Maintain Your Refrigerator

The refrigerator is one of the most important appliances that we all have at home. It helps us store food and helps prevent them from getting spoilt easily. They are also a nice place to keep all of the consumable products that are included in our grocery list. 

A broken fridge can be tough to deal with especially since it involves storing food. In order to have these repaired, we would have to call some experts just so our refrigerators can be well-maintained. 

With that, here are some simple tips from Appliances Repair Ottawa that you can do to help maintain the best condition of your refrigerator. 

Check the door seals 

Always ensure that your refrigerator door is closing and that it is sealed properly. With that, it may be best that you always double-check if the seal is not yet loose. If it is, then you already need to tighten it because a loose seal will only let the cool air to seep out and waste energy, thus destroying the purpose of the fridge. 

When checking these seals, it may be best to ensure that there are no food residues on them.

Clean the coils 

Dirty condenser coils can make your refrigerator work harder. This may eventually lead to higher energy bills and a shorter life span for your fridge. To avoid this, it may be best to clean these coils at least twice a year with a help of a vacuum or a broom just to avoid the dust build-up in its coils. 

Refrigerator coils may either be located behind or underneath the refrigerator. To clean these coils effectively, it is a must that the refrigerator be unplugged. 

Set the right temperature

In order to keep the fridge working perfectly, it is best to ensure that the refrigerator is working between 37 and 40 F and the freezer at 0 F. To monitor this effectively, it would be nice for you to invest in an appliance thermometer even if it may be a little expensive. 

Clean the drain hole and drip pan 

Most refrigerators have a drain hole and drip pan to enable condensation inside. To ensure that the process can take place smoothly, it may be nice that you remove any food particles and other deposits that may have been stuck in the drain hole. After doing that, it is recommendable that the drain pan be scrubbed. 

Fill it up

Refrigerators need to be stuffed so it can maintain its low temperature. If you are not the type of person who keeps their refrigerator stuffed, it is still best that you do not have it emptied. This is because of the fact that cool foods and drinks help absorb warmth every time the door is opened. 

By doing these, you can actually help maintain your refrigerator and prolong its life. 

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