Yes!! We Are The Best Dishwasher Repair Service In Ottawa!

Our company “Appiance Repair Ottawa” can help you with your Dishwasher needs! Need to fix a part in your Dishwasher? Need a free estimate for a dishwasher repair? Industrial residential? No problems! Our techs are available 24 hour a day!

What Brands We Work With?

# Kenmore

# Whirpool

# Fridgedaire


When People Ask Us Why We Are The Best In Ottawa, Well………. Keep Reading!

* Same day service!

* 24/7 service

* Decent rates

* Best parts

* Many years of knowledge

* Providing Fast and reliable service

Do It Yourself! Or Call Us.

Serving The City Of Ottawa For Many Years

Dishwasher Repair Ottawa has been serving the people of Ottawa for many years now. This is why; they understand the need and problems faced by them far more clearly than any other repair service. They provide same day service to their customers, throughout the day, 24/7 allowing them to avail their repair services at their own convenience. Only a truly committed repair service can provide this kind of service to their customers, someone who truly understands what the customers want. Dishwasher Repair Ottawa hence is the service you call when you need an urgent repair service.

So call us for free estimates 24/7!  And remember that Appliance Repair Ottawa are the beat!

Appliances Repair Ottawa Dishwasher Repair Service

We are proudly proclaiming that our company, Appliances Repair Ottawa, is the best appliance repair service in Ottawa! We can fix your dishwasher of any model as long as it is from the following brands:

  1. Kenmore
  2. Whirlpool
  3. Frigidaire
  4. AEG

Need only a part of your dishwasher fixed? Do you need only an estimate of what the repair would cost? Do you live in an industrial residential space? No worries! Appliances Repair Ottawa dishwasher repair service is available 24/7 to answer your questions and requests for consultations! Just tell us what you think the problem is and we can give you an estimation for its repair including the cost of the part needed to replace it and the cost for the repairman’s service! Simply give us the information below:

  • What brand is it? We can help even if it is not from the list above, but our options may be limited when it comes to newer models.
  • What model is it? If you don’t remember, you can take a picture and use Google’s reverse image search or contact the place where you bought it. 
  • What seems to be the problem? It could range from ‘it’s not working’ to ‘it’s leaking water’. If you’ve done your own inspection, we’d appreciate it if you could tell us what you found. 

We can go straight to giving you an estimation if you already know what the root of the problem is. If it is something that doesn’t need a repairman at all, such as a clogged hose or a leaking water supply valve, then we encourage you to try repairing it! 

However, if you do end up needing our service such as the system is too complicated, needed to replace, or because you don’t have the time, then feel free to give us a call. Appliances Repair Ottawa dishwasher repair service cost caps at $49 so you don’t have to worry about paying more than that, no matter the type of damage. 

In the service of the city for many years

Appliances Repair Ottawa is an old company that’s been serving the people of Ottawa for many years. We are among the best in the industry with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! We proudly claim that we have fairly decent rates and have the best parts for the dishwasher brands mentioned above. Our 24/7 service never rests even on holidays! We also offer same-day repair service for any damage. It doesn’t even need to be urgent! 

Call Appliances Repair Ottawa today for inquiries, estimates and repairs. We will answer to the best of our abilities because that is how we remain the best in the business! Only need instructions to help with your simple, yet puzzling problem? Feel free to call for some quick tips and suggestions!